Season's Greetings!

And we are blessed yet again with a White Christmas!

It wasn’t looking likely, but just in the nick of time we are again blanketed in snow!  All you skiers out there have big smiles on your faces today!  Aren’t we fortunate to have these marvelous trails to ski and snowshoe and hike? 😊 

While many reflect on the challenges and difficulties of 2020, this year also reminded us of how precious we are to each other.  We mourn those that we lost, we look forward to seeing loved ones again when possible, and we long for human contact which at one point was “normal.”  For those of us who adapted to a new work environment, you probably have gotten pretty used to it by now, but as I talk to friends, we, almost to a person declare that, “…we miss the people.”  How true.

The camaraderie of being part of something bigger than you individually, the synergy and progress we can create together as a team when focused on a mission, the joy in watching someone mature in confidence and abilities as they tackle new challenges, the maturation and improvement of ideas when shared with others and refined through collective creativity, providing recognition to a friend and colleague for a job well done… these are among the blessings of working with others.

Our wish for you is that you are able to find peace, hope, and joy and some time with those you love as we enter this final week of 2020.  For those who celebrate Christmas, may your reflections on His humbling Himself to enter our world to demonstrate His love remind you how truly blessed we all are.

Thank you for your friendship and your partnership in caring for our wonderful city.

Happy 2021!



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