Election Day is Here


Thank you again to all of you for your support and encouragement along this journey!  I could not have imagined all that we would have experienced together over these last 2 years, and especially these last few months of election prep.  While I was tempted, multiple times, to respond to rumors and writings which were mischaracterizations of “our group” and of me personally, I refrained, and hoped that my character, my verbal remarks, my written Letters to the Editor, and your sharing of your experiences with me would help people make informed voting decisions.  I thank those of you who shared with others who I am.  This has been an odd election year, I wish I was able to have visited with more of you, but I enjoyed the interactions we did have.  I am proud of the campaign we have run. Win or lose, I feel we gave the voters a sense for what they can expect from me as a City Council member.

I will do my best to represent you- the residents of North Oaks- and nobody else. I will be fair and respectful to all, I will learn from everyone and seek to understand their perspectives. You know me = if that is something you want, I will gladly embrace your vote.  If you have explored my writing, my verbal responses, my answers to questions, if you have asked others about me and gotten their sense, and you think another candidate is a better fit for your vote, I wish I could change your mind, but I know I can’t win EVERY vote 😊. This is how our wonderful country and its democracy operates.  I served her proudly, and I appreciate our freedoms, having been to places where they do not exist.  

If you are like me, you are tired of all the election mailings and commercials and being bombarded by it all; it is time for us to make our choices and for us to enter this new season.  I will close with a simple Thank You for your friendship and for your support.  We are collectively blessed to live here.  North Oaks is amazing.  I pray for our nation, our state, and our city as we complete the election tomorrow and hopefully come to a sincere realization that we are united in our love for our country, her legacy, her future, and the role she plays in the world.  




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