Better for the Experience

While I have done a lot of different things in my life, I had never run for an office before 2020.  Wow, what a ride?!  It was an amazing experience, and I really enjoyed getting to know more of you and listening to your thoughts on our community.  I learned a lot from you, and thank you for your support and engagement. To my best friend, and wife, Lisa…  you stepped up for me yet again (I’m losing track now) and were the best Campaign Chairwoman I could ever have imagined! I am so fortunate to get to share this life with you!  Thank you!  To my friends and family who supported me…  THANK YOU!  I am blessed to be surrounded by such superb folks. You strengthened me and encouraged me so much over the course of these last few years, motivating me to do the research and be a voice for many in our community. You stood by me over the past few years, and I am forever indebted to you for that.  

North Oaks is an amazing place, and we are all so blessed to live here.  As I reflect on the campaign itself, I am proud of what we did…  we did it our way, and I feel really good about every statement, decision, written and spoken word that was part of our campaign.  I am excited that Kara has an opportunity to lead this city that she loves as Mayor, I believe the first woman to do so in North Oaks.  She will work hard for our city, and will treat us all with respect. She has some great ideas, and with your support this is going to be a wonderful administration.  We are so privileged to have Tom again serving this community…  talk about a servant of the people…  Tom did not have to step into this role, but he did so for us all, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experiences and relationships which will benefit this community in more ways that we can imagine. He took the time out to educate me and invest in me so freely and sincerely since we first met…  as if we had been lifelong friends.  I look up to him, and look forward to watching him thrive again in his element. Tom is a special servant leader, and you are lucky to have him representing you.  It has been a real pleasure getting to know Jim Hara better over these past 3 months.  In Jim you have a brilliant, successful businessman, with a diverse skillset, an amazing family and North Oaks’ story, and real fiscal savviness. He will work hard and bring a common sense approach to our government. He quickly identifies the core of the issue and attacks it straight on.  We are well served to have him representing us. I know that Sara will bring her spirit of service and volunteering to the City Council, along with her project management abilities and strong commitment to her work.  The City is in great hands.

So now it is time for us all to come together.  I have been praying for our community and our leaders now for almost 2 years. I know those prayers were answered tonight. From here, we need to heal, we need to unite, we need to support each other, and demonstrate the respect and professionalism that is the hallmark of North Oaks.  We need to recognize that we have a lot more in common, a lot more, than we have in disagreements.  I have faith that relationships will be restored, and trust will flourish as we enter a new era for our City. I for one pledge to support our new leadership and help them write this next chapter in the amazing legacy of our unique and vibrant community.

Blessings to you all, and thank you for your friendship and support.



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