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Hey Everyone– Less than 2 weeks before the election (What can I say? = I’m glad for that!).  Thanks to all of you who have cast your votes, and to those who will do so on the 3rd day of November– we are blessed to live in a country that allows us that right.  There are some great candidates out there, and I wish those candidates the best.  I’m someone who has always enjoyed following politics, but never much cared for becoming involved in the “muddiness” of it.  If you elect me, you will not be electing a politician, but just a regular guy who wants to have a regular life in an extraordinary place.  I’m also not running as part of some lifelong dream or to check a box on my resume.  I’m simply running because our City is in need of some solid leadership, and that is something I can offer you as a person who's practiced it for the better part of his life.  I can bring you an experience and business acumen from an executive who has been involved in most every aspect of a Fortune 500 company for 19 years, and, prior to that, served our country as an Officer in the United States Air Force.  I've traveled the world and lived in a lot of places... those journeys are a part of me, and I will bring that to the Council table.  Because of these journeys, I do not take North Oaks or its amazing resources for granted, and I will help to preserve what's been endowed to us in governing documents set forth by amazing individuals who passed this way before us.                  

This is the time for strong leadership from people who know their City’s and citizens' rights.  It’s time to engage residents and listen thoughtfully to their ideas and concerns.  As amazing as the mighty oaks which surround us, as majestic as the wildlife who wander our paths, and as breathtaking as the lakes which offer solitude, so are the abilities and charisma of the people who share this space.  It has been my distinct pleasure to bond with you over common goals these past few years.  Bravo to those who risked ridicule from a select few in government to forge on and ask for compliance to governing documents and to believe in the ideal that respect should be provided to voices in a community which falls under the freedoms granted in our glorious country.  I’ve dug deep into the City’s ordinances and spent hundreds of hours researching its governing documents.  I am able to lead from a position of knowledge and not from one where I need to rely on others to do the research for me.  I have interviewed the leaders and policy makers and governing agreement signers who went before me.  I know where we’re at and I know where we’re allowed to be headed.  Please consider me with your valuable vote, and I will do my best to be your voice on City Council!           





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