A Great Place to Put Down Roots...Just Ask the Oaks!

In the corporate world, we have a multitude of metrics we monitor. At the City level, there are surveys and elections and community characteristics we monitor as well. It might be hard to believe, but on a percentage basis, North Oaks, over the last decade, grew its population at twice the percentage of growth rates in Shoreview, Arden Hills, and Vadnais Heights. Folks want to live here.  When the housing options are there, and consumers have a sense for stability and appreciation potential, people want in. There is no place like North Oaks. You couldn't build something like it today...  You literally had to start 137 years ago! It is supply and demand.  Careful, thoughtful, planned development, in line with demand drives up home values, and grows the community in a manner that benefits all. 

Louis W. Hill Jr. understood this.  In Three Bold Ventures, the remarkable book written by Joan Brainard and Dick Leonard, an appendix captures the number of new housing permits every year from 1963 - 2005.  It is fascinating to review the deliberate, controlled development that was the hallmark of this city in that era, and the benefits of that control to the property valuation and appreciation. I won't geek out on you with the finances, but Joan and Dick provide a treasure in that appendix which would be the envy of any city. 

Beyond the finances, what strikes me is just how many folks put down their roots in North Oaks... and stay here. We have so many residents who have been here for 40+ years! And many of them have Children and Grandchildren who live here as well. I know of several families with 3 generations living in North Oaks, and even one with 4! I am sure there are more. It says something special about a community when its residents want to stay, their kids want to move back when they can, and the next generation gets to write their own chapter in the legacy of North Oaks. Folks living here have many options as to where they might live, but many chose to stay here, and that is a metric about our community that proves we have something special.


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