A Milestone for the Country, A Pioneering Leader for North Oaks

 I took the opportunity tonight, when making my opening comments at the League of Women Voters' Forum, to recognize a significant historical milestone for our country, and its personal impact on us within North Oaks.  Thought you might like to take a read (note, each candidate was only allowed one minute for opening and closing comments, so the comments are quite concise):

Greetings, Thank you to the League for hosting this forum.  101 years ago, there was a voiceless majority of Americans... their interests in government affairs were not represented.... in fact, they weren’t even known such that they could be represented… nobody was listening... and that was only 100 years ago. Beloved resident, Joan Brainard, North Oaks historian, leader, and founder of the North Oaks News, was five-years-old when the 19th Amendment was passed and women earned the right to vote.

Regrettably, in 2020, North Oaks has regressed; there are forces who have recently put restrictions on the Freedom of Speech, trying to silence certain voices in public meetings... Voices representing a diverse resident group across North Oaks: newlyweds, young families, empty nesters, single adults, people in their 70’s and 80’s who have lived here 45 years plus [including potential residents of the newly proposed Island Field condos]…

As Co-founder of an organization called Preserving the Legacy, I’ve helped represent this group, that for the past 22 months has advocated for COMPLIANT development in North Oaks.  I’m looking forward to representing our community to an even greater extent.  

I appreciated the opportunity to discuss important issues with the other candidates.  I found it to be an energizing exercise and would look forward to more!  I had asked the moderator, Liz, how many of the forums she had done this week, and she said six (seven last week)!  Thank you, League of Women Voters!  What an amazing service to North Oaks and the surrounding communities!  

Here are the closing comments (once again, one minute limit) I gave:


Like all leaders, government representatives make a choice as to how they will represent. Elected officials can choose consideration for others, they can choose self-control, and they can choose to promote a collaborative spirit within their community.  They can choose a commitment to respecting the colleagues with whom they serve, and, working side by side with these colleagues, provide this same level of respect to their constituents, in order that these constituents have a voice in government affairs.  They can rise above themselves in order to serve others.  I choose this path every day.  We have a city filled with remarkable people possessing deep and diverse talent sets, a community with a rich history of being thoughtful, ecologically-aware and charitable, and it’s important to have representatives who recognize and respect those attributes, assuming positive intent and truly listening as they seek to understand community perspectives.  Let’s elect leaders who want to be held accountable to the people they represent.  Let’s harness the collective talent of North Oaks, honor its legacy, embrace the future… then, TOGETHER, make this a place you’d want to move to all over again.  


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