Hello friends!

Hey everyone, Rich here, hope you are well.  Welcome to the site- I appreciate your stopping by!  Thanks for considering me with your vote and for any advocacy you would like to do within your circle of friends. 

I’m running because I have tremendous admiration for the community that the Founding Mothers and Fathers of North Oaks have built. It is not easy to maintain uniqueness these days, with everyone chasing trends, but over decades the exceptionality of North Oaks has been preserved. It is now our turn to write the next chapter in this history of North Oaks. Our community has been a natural, quiet, and peaceful harbor in a too often fast-paced, loud, and stress-filled world.  I will do my best to preserve the legacy of North Oaks, while partnering with you to define a bright future.

I want to serve in government because we need healing in our community. In order to harness all the talents and abilities found within North Oaks, we need to treat each other with respect and we need to demonstrate genuine interest in hearing from all the perspectives, all demographics, all neighborhoods. We have so much in common, the elements that drew us to North Oaks: we all cherish our natural environment, we treasure the blessing of extraordinary neighbors, we take great pride in our unique, collective ownership of our community, and we want to ensure that the uniqueness of North Oaks is passed to, and appreciated by, future generations.  

I believe in protecting our wildlife and natural resource assets, including the local and regional water supply's quality.  I believe in speed limit and safe driving enforcement, ensuring North Oaks remains a haven for citizen runners, walkers, bikers, skiers,... of all ages.  I believe we can attract, welcome, and engage a new generation of residents without compromising who we are.  Our values are timeless and appeal to all.   

I believe in the rights of citizens to be heard, on any topic of interest to them. I believe in treating each other fairly and with respect. I advocate that the City Council change the policy which currently states that citizens cannot speak on items which are on that evening's agenda.  I believe in the amazing talent base of our community and that we are a stronger city if we listen to and respect the expertise that is so abundant in North Oaks.  I believe there is power in collaborating with our other stakeholders in NOHOA and the NOC and that we are stronger together, acknowledging and respecting each party’s distinct responsibilities and authority. I believe with investment, understanding, and collaborative negotiation, we can reach mutually-satisfactory solutions for our city. I believe we are partners, not competitors. I believe we can do better and that our best days are ahead of us.

My wife, Lisa, and I have attended in person or watched every City Council, Planning Commission, and NOHOA meeting over the last 20+ months. We have met literally hundreds of fellow residents and consider you friends. I would like to be your voice in our City Government, ensuring that your valuable perspective is factored into the important decisions ahead. I have invested in learning about our city, its history, and its future. I have immersed myself in governing documents and built a solid knowledge base. I have studied our budget, and will be a respectful steward of those precious resources.  I'm excited to partner with you to define our chapter in this community's amazing history! 

I will listen, I will respect, I will do my best to find fair, mutually-appealing solutions in collaboration with other stakeholders.  I will be tough on challenges we face, but understanding and empathetic to the people.  I will put the citizens first. If I don’t, I expect you to remind me of why I ran for office. I would greatly appreciate your consideration as you cast your precious votes. 

I would be honored to represent you.

Rich Dujmovic

P.S. If you have the time, please feel free to check out the other tabs on the website.  In the "My Story" tab found on the top of the page as well as the left side, you'll be able to scroll through and learn about my family, work, and volunteer experiences.  The "Why Vote For Me" and "Press Pubs' Answers" will give a little more detail into my platform (note: candidates were given a 150-word limit in each section on the Press Pubs' questionnaire, thus the concise answers).  I've included a tab with some notes of endorsement from friends, colleagues, and former Councilmember Katy Ross.  The most important part of the site is the "I'd Love To Hear From You" tab- please contact me with questions or thoughts.

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